Whitey (Drums, Vocals) The "C" in DECK
Chris White has always been fascinated with the drums.  As a young
annoying boy, he would tap along to the radio of the dashboard of the
car.  Got his first drum set at 17 from best friend Frank.  Self taught, and
played alone to the radio here and there for years.  Sold original set in
1997 as a ploy to convince wife to buy a pool.  Picked up new (used)
Pearl kit with bottom end Zildjian cymbals in the fall of 2003.  First
public gig July 2004.   Long time New York Mets & Jets fan, which
makes him even less popular.  DOB October 4th, 1965.  
Whitey still
performs with the band on occassion.
Kevin Murphy (Bass Guitar) The "K" in DECK
Born in 1959, this naturally passive-aggressive idiot savant plays bass in
Deck.  An international bon vivant and raconteur, he's held careers as
both an international jewel thief and as the character Frankenstein at the
old ninth street haunted house in Ocean City, New Jersey.  He speaks
five languages miserably.  He chose the electric bass as his instrument
because he can't play anything else (including the bass, according to
some).  A family man, our hero is a member of the east Williamstown
Murphy clan, which includes Queen Maureen, Princess Kayla, and young
Prince Sean.  Doesn't like current picture of himself.
Eddie Mahan - The "E" in DECK
was one of the Founding Fathers of DECK, who played guitar and
also did lead vocals for the band.  DECK was the second pairing
of Dennis and Eddie (who was referred to as both Eddie 1, Special
Ed, and Sped once Eddie II joined the band).

Special Note: We are saddened to announce that Eddie passed
away on December 31st, 2008 as a result of a fatal automobile
accident which occurred nearly two months earlier.
Eddie Owens was the fifth member of DECK, and first real singer
the band worked with.  He joined early in 2005, and sang
throughout the "Don't Quit your Dayjob" tour.  On August 23rd
2005 he offered his resignation to spend more time with his work.
Dennis Helkowski  - The "D" in DECK
put together the band in November of 2004 and left to pursue other
interests in July of 2006.  Finished up strong in last three gigs.  
Can be reached at Doghouse Studios.   Lead guitarist and
sometimes vocalists in Yellow Finn.
John Russell ("JR",  Lead Guitar  and Vocals)
John auditioned well with the band and being offered the vacancy in
July of 2006.  Born and raised in Kansas City Missouri, JR grew up in
the mid-west and is a graduate  of Marquette University, Milwaukee.   
Aside from being the local voice of the Howard Stern show in Philly on
WYSP and Philadelphia Eagles radio, he also enjoyed a fair amount of
reverb in his playing and singing, which has donned him as the
"Reverend of Reverb".  JR left the group in the Fall of 2010 to pursue
his career.
Tom Carey exited as the band's longest tenured lead singer in
January 2009.  For nearly three years he led the band's nightly
'party in a box' mentality.  We wish him the best of luck in his
further musical pursuits.
Josie  (Lead Vocals, Manager)

Josie (a.k.a. JoAnne Iannelli McAllister) is a native South Jersey girl
and singing is her passion.  She formerly sang with an original/cover
Bobby Rock and The Dream in her earlier years.  While the
band had high hopes for a record contract under the wings of Sid
Bernstein, Josie had to move on to find her own.

Currenty she is the Lead Singer and Manager of The Deck Band and
Open Stage  at Tir Na Nog Cherry Hill, NJ every
Wednesday.   Josie's charm and charisma on stage is the heart and
soul of the band.  Her sultry, wide range voice and energy keeps the
Deck Heads coming back for more singing songs from Chrissi Hines to
Led Zeppelin.
Kim Wilcox (Violin, Keys, Vocals)
Kim (Lil Kim) Wilcox is a native Jersey Girl hailing from Hopewell NJ.
She is a classically trained violinist, who studied music at Moravian
College. Having been taught by teachers from The New York
Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra, Kim still remains faithful
to her classical roots and plays violin in the Philharmonic of Southern
NJ (www.psnj.org) and has played in the past with the Delaware Valley
Philharmonic and Pottstown Symphony.
Randy Sandmann (Lead Guitar and Sound)
Randy joined the band in March of 2010, and immediately took the band
to a new level.  Experience with his instrument and technology
background doubled the band's sound and ability.  He left the band in
September of 2011 to pursue other interests.
Ken Walker (Keyboard and Vocals)
Ken was introduced to the band by Randy Sandmann in the Fall of
2010.  Instantly the best musician in the band, his main contributions
were flawless keyboards and solid background vocals.  He followed up
the Deck Band by joining an established act.
Matt (Guitar, Vocals)

Originally from Voorhees NJ, Matt spent many years in Boston,
staying there after attending Berklee College of Music.  Even though
he roots for the Beantown sports teams, we won't hold that against
him.  Matt utilizes a guitar synth giving The Deck Band a full big band
sound.  He's our horn section!

Matt is also guitarist and songwriter for the original band "Adams
Adam Martin (Keys, Guitar, Vocals)
Now a fill-in sub for the band or extra player for big shows, Adam is a busy
performer. He's recently worked with
80's Revenge and Big House, and
currently member of a new 80's band
Class of '84.  Adam gets a lot of sound
from just one keyboard. He also plays guitar and offers excellent vocals. He's
pretty fly for a white guy.  
Billy D. Light (Guitar, Lead Vocals)

What can you say about Billy D. Light?  Energy, ability, a pure
entertainer.  Billy D. Light grabbed a guitar as a teenager and lived
the dream, traveling the country and paying his dues.  The benefits of
that hard work can be seen when Billy D. performs along with his trio
band.  Billy is the host
of Open Stage  at Tir Na Nog in Cherry Hill, NJ
every Wednesday
where you're sure to see, touch, hear and even
play some of finest guitars.
Frank Treppiedi (Bass, Lead Vocals)
Frank has been a member of the South Jersey/Philly music scene for the
better part of 15 years, first picking up the bass after seeing Paul
McCartney`s psychedelic Rickenbacker on The Magical Mystery Tour album
cover.  Frank was a member of such bands The Chasers, Screem and
Wicked Cricket.  Frank is currently part of
The Black Cherry, a dance, funk,
party rock outfit.  His influences are the usual suspects: Paul, Geddy, Sting
and surprisingly John Taylor of Duran Duran.  He uses Spector, Fender,
Steinberger and Lakland 4 and 5 string basses through GK amps.  Frank
occassionally subs for The Deck Band when needed.
Previous Members
Carmen Mami (Drums, Vocals)

Carmen has been playing music since the 4th grade where he chose
the trumpet as his instrument. It wasn’t long before he was able to get
a pair of drum sticks from a classmate and started lessons at school
without his parent’s knowledge. Even though he stayed with trumpet
all through school until he graduated, eventually attaining 1st chair in
Concert Band, drumming was always what he felt he wanted to do.  He
is influenced by many styles of music from Big Band and Latin,
Motown to Jazz, Pop to Rock. Carmen is also a host at
Open Stage.

Deck Band Facebook Page
Michael Mean (Bass, Vocals)

Mike has deep roots in the Greater Philadelphia's music scene, first
getting a taste of the gigging life at age 13 with his father Russ.  He
started his musical career as a drummer and later picked up the bass
after realizing there was a serious lack of talented players around.  
After playing for more than 20 years with local bands he took a touring
gig with country and honky-tonk recording artist Moot Davis.  He has
been providing The Deck Band with low end goodness since
returning from Nashville in early 2015.  Mike is also a host at