The Deck Band has been rocking the South Jersey music scene for
a decade – or for a year, depending on your math.

A little explanation is in order. The original Deck Band was formed back
in November 2004. The first four members (Dennis, Eric, Chris, Kevin)
– whose first initials spelled out D-E-C-K, hence the band name –
started to play the circuit before the inevitable lineup changes started
to occur.  Fast forward to December 2013, and 12 musicians later,
the current lineup was solidified.

That lineup – singer Josie McAllister, lead guitarist/lead vocalist Billy D. Light (yes, that’s his real name), Matt Riley (lead
guitar/guitar synth/lead vocals), Frank Treppiedi (bass/lead vocals), and Carmen Mami (drums/vocals) – currently plays up to 10
times a month from Cherry Hill to Cape May, including hosting an Open Mic night at Scaturro’s in Marlton on Wednesday

“The Deck Band has evolved in many ways over the past 10 years,” said Josie, who joined the band in 2011. “Initially a four-
piece, all-male, rock and roll band, joining together just for fun, now has become a seriously dedicated, diverse band with multi-
dimensional players. The band has been through about 12 configurations since it was established in 2004.  At one point, John
Russell from WYSP was a member of the band on lead guitar and vocals.

“The current line-up gives us the ability to play all types of music including Rock, Dance, Pop, R&B, Country and even Oldies.”

Indeed, a typical evening with The Deck Band is anything but typical. The band easily moves from current hits to Motown to
classic rock and disco. The band members are each highly skilled musicians, with years of experience. In fact, most play in other
bands on the circuit. Billy D. Light fronts the “The Billy D. Light Trio,” Treppiedi is in “The Black Cherry Band” and Riley is also a
member of the original band, “Adams Wilson.”

Being able to play with different musicians – while holding down the steady gig in The Deck Band – is a testament to the
versatility of the band members. There are a ton of influences at work with each member of the band, and it shows during their
shows. It’s even evident with the band’s logo.

“Our influences come from a multitude of artists/bands,” said Josie. “However, the original influences of the band were The
Beatles. Our logo is actually designed using the Beatles font, “
Bootle”.  Our current song list is extremely varied covering tunes
from Elvis to Gaga. Collective influences include Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Police, Yes, The Who, Rush, Bruce
Springsteen, The Pretenders, Pink and many more. The band is also influenced by many genres including Rockabilly, Funk,
Blues, Dance, R&B, Soul and Country.”

Their range of influences and song choices, as well as some modern-day technology, allows the band to play a wide variety of
music – and to play it well, often sounding incredibly close to the original version of the song.

“Although we’re a five-piece band at a typical show, we sound like a 10 piece when our second guitarist (Riley) utilizes his guitar
synth to emulate horns as well as strings, harmonica, keyboards,” Josie said. “This gives us a big band sound with only five
players, which is more economical for venues.  Often people are amazed with the dynamics the band has to offer. We are
especially known for our amazing vocals, high energy, charisma and diverse song list. There’s a special bond amongst the band
members and we all gel well together on-stage and off-stage. We genuinely like each other and enjoy working together.”

The newest version of The Deck Band debuted at Scaturro’s in January of this year. At that point, Josie knew she had a lineup
that she had longed for – calling it “The Dream Band.”

“It was a full house with many musician friends and fans eager to see The New Deck Band,” Josie said. “We were excited to
unveil the new band at one of our favorite venues. It was the beginning of a new era for the band.  I knew at this point the line-up
was finalized and I had the perfect band in regards to talent and personalities.”

The talent level assures the band’s fans – aptly named “Deckheads” – won’t see the same show twice, since the band is
constantly evolving.

“Our set lists are designed in a way to easily adapt to any crowd,” Josie said. “Given the talent level of the band, we have the
ability to play many songs not on our dedicated list, for example if someone makes a request at a show.

“At most of our venues we read the crowd and kick off the night accordingly, either giving our fans a chance to settle in or start
dancing,” she continued. “We are also very engaging and entertaining. It’s not uncommon for myself or one of my guitarists to
jump up on the bar, dance with fans or invite them to the stage. We refer to our fans as “Deckheads” and they’re a fun, friendly

So what does the future hold for this hard-working band?

“While we do well with our local venues from Cherry Hill to Cape May, we hope to expand our venues to include weddings,
casinos, corporate events and more private parties,” Josie said. “We also have the resources to expand the band for bigger
events when the budget permits.”

Keep your eye out for big things from The Deck Band. They’ve come a long way in the past year -- or 10.

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